Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Anson and Belle

Anson's favorite lounging place lately.

Ahhhh.......can you bring me a cold drink???

Watching daddy work in the yard.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Anson in the backyard Tuesday.

Sweet Belle.

Pretty girl.

Jack playing out back.

Haden's 3rd Birthday!

Dave, Adam and Wil waiting to fill their bellies with all the wonderful food Kevin made. The man can cook.

Grandma Marie.

The birthday boy, Aunt Peggy and Grandma.

Bailey, Haden and Anson.

Dave and Anson.

One more of the two of them.

Anson quickly found the three-wheeled toys.

Everyone enjoying the day.

Bailey's turn for a ride!

The balloons were a hit, of course.

Aunt Pam helping Haden with his gifts.....he was only interested in the toys!

He had so much fun opening everything.

The family.

Anson learns fast to find the prettiest gal in the room.

Haden got a truck just like dad's and boy was it the excitement for the day!

Haden trying out his new ride with Bailey.

Anson loved this toy! I'll have to find one for him.

He also was a big fan of the Cars table Haden had.

Bailey and Anson. Too sweet.

Haden, Anson and Bailey.

She only rode in the back for a short time.....she was by far the best driver!

Bailey's daddy making sure she was safe!

Anson just loved this!

Any other "babes" back there?

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Today With the Boys

My friend Molly and I are sharing babysitting (thank you, Lord). I have Jack Tuesday and Wednesday and she has Anson Monday and Friday. It works out so perfectly, I have to pinch myself. These two have a ball together and are about 6 months apart. It just makes me want to have more kids!

Anson and Jack

Jack giving Gretta kisses.

Absolutely up to no good. Busted.

Anson looking for Jack's daddy, Joel.

I have honestly never laughed as much as I have with these two. What a blessing.

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