Sunday, September 30, 2007

Anson Update

Yes, he's still sick. We've moved from one issue to the current one. He has a moist cough and runny nose. He did not have a fever this morning, which I'm thrilled about. He ate for Dave at breakfast and he is taking more fluids. Last night I ran out to Meijer and got a humidifier and a neat vapor release gadget (thanks for the advice, Heather) and I put a wedge under his mattress for some elevation. He slept on and off. He would wake up himself up coughing pretty frequently. It's ben 7 full days now and I hope the worst is over.

At the Dr. Thursday, he weighed 18.7 lbs, which is good news. Let's hope he doesn't lose too much with this nastiness.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Anson's First Bug

Anson has been feeling bad since Sunday. Dave's parents were at the house and Anson had a runny nose, drooling, congestion and was fussy. This continued on Monday. Tuesday he was a little worse and I had initially made a Dr. appt. for him to be seen. I called the nurse to ask a few more questions and we ended up cancelling the appt. and I agreed to keep an eye on him. He had a low-grade temp. The highest was 100.3. I wasn't worried about that. Well, Wednesday he wouldn't drink anything and ate about half of his normal amount. He was still having normal wet diapers, so he was alright there. Today he cried while he was eating lunch. He would still eat, but would be crying the entire time. I got on the phone. I had to work at 3p, so Dave came home early to take him to the Dr. office. The diagnosis: hand-foot-mouth virus. Now, this is something that is passes through droplets, usually sneezing, runny nose, etc. The symptoms show their ugly face 3-7 post exposure. He was at daycare Friday for 2 1/2 hours! That's it and this is the result. I feel so guilty. I can't even begin to tell you how horrible I feel. Not as bad as Anson, but I feel pretty darn guilty. I know he has to get sick. I know. We've been very lucky with his health. I know. It's just amazing how sick he is after such a short period of exposure. The Dr. says it should be over by Saturday. The poor little guy has a nice size ulcer in his mouth which explains the food aversion. He doesn't have the rash that usually pops up. Thank goodness. So, no more daycare for now. I'm scared to death to take him back!


I am very hard on vacuum cleaners. Meaning, I vacuum at least once a day, sometimes twice. I can't stand dirty floors, so we have wasted a lot of money on vacuum cleaners that work great for 6 months and then die. So, right before Anson came home in December, our vacuum cleaner died. I was so mad! We just bought it 8 months before. The warranty was expired and I was not having it repaired again. We did some research and went shopping. We decided on a Dyson Animal which is for people with pets. I was horrified with what that thing picked up. I thought my floors were clean. Apparently not. It was been 10 months since we bought it. Well, I turned it on last week and out of it came a horrific noise. Something was obviously broke. I just about cried. We have a 5 year warranty on it and I was already preparing myself for a fight with the company. I called them up and boy was I pleasantly shocked. They diagnosed they problem and sent me the part in the mail that day. I was stunned and still am. We got the part in a few days, Dave worked on it for a few minutes and my dust and dirt sucker was in full swing. Finally, a great machine with great customer service. I stand corrected. I know they are a little pricey, but they are worth every penny.

Monday, September 24, 2007


I weighed-in tonight and I'm at 129 lbs. Yippie!!! Finally, in the 120's!

Go Buckeyes!

Anson's Grandma Bertram got him this adorable outfit. I just love it.

Go OSU!!

They kicked butt Saturday!

Friday, September 21, 2007

FIT Challenge and Stuff

Felicia and I walked 4 miles today total (I walked before I met her and she walked more after I headed home to feed the man). I had to come home and do what felt like 25 things before I went to work. Anson had his first day at OSU today and loved it. He will go every Friday from 2:30pm-5:00pm. He's in a playgroup of a few kids all under 18months old. He absolutely loved it. He didn't even notice Dave come in the room to pick him up. His pediatrician thinks it will be good for him socially and I agree. The waiting list is over one year long, so I'm glad I put our application in while I was pregnant!

Dave is going fishing in the morning at 6:00am (ouch) and I am taking Anson to the zoo. We're going early (around 9:00)to beat the crowds and the heat. We bought season passes and it is so worth it! In October they have the Pumpkin Smash where all of the pumpkins from Halloween are given to the elephants and other animals to eat and play with. I can't wait for that. Plus Boo at the Zoo is really fun also. Yes, I love the zoo.

Nothing much else. Classes started this week. I really like my instructors. I guess it would be tough luck if I didn't! Work is great thanks to my schedule. We found a new carpenter and he is starting next weekend.....can't be soon enough.

I can't believe Anson will be 1 next month. What a blessing.

Thursday, September 20, 2007


I weighed in tonight and am 130lbs. I have been walking 4-5 miles per day and significantly altered my diet. I'm a happy girl.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

At the Park

We started taking Anson to Northam Park, which is right beside the elementary school he will go to. It's really nice because the park is in-between the school and the new U.A. library. How great is that!

These were the only two picks I got this time. I'll take more next trip.

Grandpa's Ladder

I think this was at one point Dave's dad's ladder and we switched because it was too tall for their house. Anyway, Anson loves this thing. He hasn't tried to climb up......yet!

All decked out for the Buckeyes!

Anson's Personality Coming Forth

We're trying to figure out what this look is about......cute.

He is so silly sometimes.

He loves my grandmother's dog. She's really good with him too (for a small dog). Sorry, a little bias.

With my Aunt Peggy.

He loves this teething biscuits. My friend from work recommended them and they are a hit.

More of Chicago

This area with the marine life is my favorite. Dave brought me here when we first started dating (this time, that is).

If anyone knows what this is, please let me know (Marcia or Kendra). I want some.

Some sea lions at the zoo.

Millennium Park.

Linda and Felicia on the carousel.

This male (obviously) was kept from the rest of the pack due to a medical procedure. He really wanted out and got the whole group of cats roaring. It was intense.

This guy was huge.

Another neat one.

Isn't this amazing?

There was a local artist here who had these beautiful displays all throughout the city. This was my favorite.

Weigh In

Well, I weighed in with my team last night. I can't believe I agreed to journal this on the blog, but I will stick to it. My weight is 134 lbs. I went to the Dr. and she says I am about 15 lbs. overweight for my build. Needless to say, I left there feeling horrible, but I needed it too. I really shouldn't weigh over 125 lbs. So, my goal is to lose 15 lbs. That's reasonable and for an 8 week period, that is a healthy weight loss. I started my diet today, which is just no fast food, junk (bye bye to Oreos) and more water. I also have to stick to not eating after 7pm, which is difficult due to my previous night shift schedule. I can do it though. I'm also starting running again like I use to. I use to run daily. I stopped when I got sick in 2005. Actually, I think I stopped a few months before that. Wish me luck and I'll document my progress as I go.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I have tried to always learn from my mistakes and continue to learn as I get get older. I find people interesting in their mannerism, morals, or lack there of, as well as many other facets of life. I am always amazed how people are able to shake your hand, while peeing on your foot. My dad use to say that. Anyway, I have been blessed to find some amazing friends when I least expected it (B) and I've also been very hurt by some who are my friends when it benefits their agenda. I've since backed away from these people, who regrettably are mostly family. Do I love them? More than words. Would I help if they needed me? Absolutely. Do I trust them? Unfortunately, nope. I'm not perfect. I've made my share of mistakes, plus some. I've hurt people and I've not been a good friend, at times. But I don't pretend to be perfect, either. If I'm wrong, I'll own up to it and apologize and then learn from it so I don't make the same mistake again. My dad use to say that no-one could hurt you as bad as your family. Boy, he wasn't kidding. There are some that are only interested in me when I'm "down and out" or fighting with someone who they would like to pick on as well. I've stepped back and really looked at who is there regardless. Who love me to my face and behind my back. Which brings up another point. If someone talks about everyone else, they are probably talking about me as well. I laugh more than I get angry about it. I love my family and I know we are all very different people with different lives. I just wish we could all participate in a little honesty and integrity for the sake of ourselves, our family and our children. That's all.

BMT FIT Challenge

Hello Fit Club Teams,

We have asked two very fit BMT Employees to be Team leaders. Heather and Heath have agreed be leaders and mentors for the two fit club Teams. The leaders will supervise all weigh ins for their own teams and provide any support and answer any questions.

The teams were anonymously drawn by Heath and Heather and the teams have been posted on each pod.

Weigh ins are to start this week and then we can let the fun begin. The Competition will end November 16, right before thanksgiving and the team that has lost the most PERCENT of weight will win!

This is a team can consult, exercise, diet, do anything with your team you want.

As for the reward, does anybody have any suggestions? I was thinking if everyone chipped in $20, the winning members would each receive a gift card for a one hour massage at Brown Bag Massage. Any other suggestions?

Good Luck, Have Fun, and let the most FIT Team Win!

Team Heather
Tina S.

Team Heath
Christina B
Amy Menke
Jan W
Melissa S
Melissa L
Jeff G

So, it is official. The Fit Challenge begins this week. I am going to journal this challenge on my blog so Anson can see one day that this can be done. Hard work, changing eating habits, consistent exercise equals results (well, I certainly hope so!). So I will weigh in tonight at work and start my work on Wednesday. Wish me luck! I will document as I go, probably every couple days.

For BMT Nightshift - I Miss All of You!


For Camus


Funny Stuff For My Hubby


i can fiz thiz sorta

Monday, September 17, 2007

He's Catching On.....

Dave took this series of pictures. This is Anson getting around one of our many safety gates.

If I pull this out......

And get my arm around the gate......

Pull a little more......

Squeeze my head through.....

Got the shoulders through........

Free man....

Through the dining room (please excuse this mess, this is my make-shift kitchen right now).

And his goal? Where the dogs are, of course!

A Boy and His Dog

Doesn't he look like he's up to something?

Gretta is so good. She just sits there and let's Anson explore, supervised only, of course.

First hand shake.


I love this one.

Chicago Trip

We've landed!

Eating at Giordano's. This is the best Chicago style pizza in Chicago. It was yummy.

Full bellies.......

Felicia and Linda.

Linda and myself.

From the top of the Sear's Tower. All those white specks are sailboats.

More from Sear's Tower.

The Legend and me.

We have no idea what this is, but it was neat. This was also at Chicago's Melinnium Park.

Felicia at Chicago's Melinnium Park.


Linda and I.

Felicia and Linda making a wish.

After a hard days work.........of shopping, that is!