Monday, July 21, 2008


We've had some computer issues as of late, so we haven't been on our home PC much. We've been good, though, just very busy. I'm working full-time, as is David and I'm taking two classes this quarter. One is on-line and the other is two days per week in the evening. I'm working three 11a-11pm shifts, which is wonderful for the most part. Anything is better than night shift!

Anson is doing wonderful. He is talking away and learning new things daily. We had our first real illness with him a few weeks ago that included a few chest x-rays, trips to Children's and so on. It lasted two solid weeks and we are so glad it's over. He had temperatures as high as 104.1, which made me crazy, but it's over and we are thankful he is fine. He got his first prescription for antibiotics and he took those for 10 days. Now, he is eating everything in sight (including homemade eggrolls and lo mein) and hopefully gaining weight. He's still not on the growth chart, but hopefully that will change.

He is also attending a really neat "preschool" in Dublin that a friend from work and our Pediatrician recommended. It's very structured and they maintain his strict schedule. He only goes two days a week, but he absolutely loves it. He comes home with crafts and a written report of what he learned that day. He has two teachers in his classroom and there are 7 kids in his class. They have their own closets, assigned seats and a mini bathroom to begin potty training. It's really cute. He has started two and three word sentences, learned primary colors and loves to sing since he started there. His favorite comment as of late is, "Gretta, sit" and "Bella, no!" It's funny to watch the dogs reaction to that!

We have been slowly working on the house. We have done a lot of landscaping to the front and have our back beds ready. Dave and a friend of his are going to build a deck on the back of the house in August, so we are looking forward to that. We don't have a grill because we don't have a safe place for one, so the deck will be a treat. When we lived in Enon, I grilled out every chance we had, so we have really missed that here.

So, that's what we are up to. Hope everyone is well and having a wonderful summer.