Thursday, April 19, 2007


Anson had his 6-month appt. on Wednesday and it went very well. He got 4 shots which made him soooo happy! He weighs 14lbs 3ozs. and is 25 inches long. He has no deficits and is trying really hard to crawl!!!???!!!! I know it will be several months until he is mobile, but it's amazing to me how quickly it creeps up on you.

Dave and I are trying to get situated at home and get our other house ready to rent. I'm trying to unpack a few boxes a day and I feel as if I'm getting no-where! We still have some painting to do and hopefully that will happen this weekend. Dave got passed over for the job in Columbus, so that was a let down. There will be other wasn't meant to be.

My drive to work has been a DREAM, sometimes taking me only 7 minutes to get there! I didn't know how tired I was with that drive!

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