Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving and Weekend Pics.

Ian, Uncle Mark and Anson (and Whiskey).

Aunt Peggy and Anson.

Yummy stuff.

Aunt Kendra and Uncle Paul.

I think he likes it!
Ian and Anson reading books.

How cute is this?

Anson discovering Ian's room.

The spread.

Anson and his "lights".

These are hysterical.

My man.

Finished the turkey, what's next?

Num, num (as Anson would say).

I worked Thursday through Sunday, so this weekend was a little rough. We went to Fairborn for Turkey Day and it was a good day. Anson ate enough for two at Aunt Heather's and got to play with his cousin, Ian. None of us were hungry for dinner at grandma's but we got to see everyone, so that was nice. I personally feel like I've been hit by a Mack truck, but the holidays do that, I guess. I've got Thanksgiving pictures and some others from the weekend to share. I hope everyone had a great holiday and it's only 29 days until Santa!


aunt bonnie said...

I really appreciate the blog pictures. It was a lovely day and the pictures show it!

Oma B said...

I'm glad everyone had such a nice day. We all stuffed ourselves pretty much. We had a smaller bunch this year from years past, so the food was scaled down some. All got enough and I for one, came home quite full and tired. I'm sorry you were so tired but when you work and have a baby and try to keep house as well, that happens. I'm just glad you have all of us and your family too to cook during the Holidays. The pictures are truly wonderful. Anson reaching up to Ian is so sweet. It won't be long before he'll be right beside him. Love, Oma B