Monday, August 18, 2008

Playdates and More

Anson and Sophie at the fountains at Easton.

Yes, Ason. The water comes from there.

The cool plane shooter Wil brought.

Late morning snack.

This was a huge hit with him. He loved it.

Anson and Kenny at Tremont Park. This is the school Anson will go to.

Awaiting water up the nose.

C'mon already! I have babes to impress.


Anson and Wil.

Felicia, Zach and Anson.

Big boy slide!

More swinging.....Felicia was kind enough to meet us after working twelve hours on nights!

I remember when his feet wouldn't reach........

Anson and Anna at Heather's for Matthew's birthday. These two go to school together.

Maybe for Christmas..... Taking a break with his buddy, Gretta.

What a little man.

Ava. This is one beautiful little girl.

Anson at Heather's trying very hard to work this thing! Ava, Courtney, Joseph and Heather.
This is a really cool toy for someone Anson's age. He played with it for hours.
Cutie pie!


Anonymous said...

I WANNA PLAY TOO! This just looks like so much fun. Did he get shot up the nose from the fountain? It probably woud take your breath away. He looks so cute in his big boy swim trunks. I can hardly wait to smooch his sweet cheeks. Since you are having the party and we talked about the cake, do you want me to make it look like a plain pumpkin or a spooky one like a jack o' lantern? I will be glad to come early that day to help or even any of the days before the 19th that we can help. Just give us a call. Love, Oma

Tara said...

Next time I'm borrowing some random kid and showing up to the party!