Saturday, December 27, 2008

December Fun

Anson's favorite gift from my best friend, Heather. It's so funny the blur of him rushing in it once we opened it up. He loves these tents!

The Bertram family. Some of the most wonderful people I know.

Anson stealing Bella's tennis balls that Santa brought her.

Anson, Aunt Pam and Aunt Peggy at Grandma Marie's.

Anson and Haden.

The boy loves his hats.

Okay, what's next????

Getting things started.......

Anson loves tools and anything he can "fix". This tool set was a great gift.

Snack break: vanilla wafers and milk. We got him this art desk. He absolutely loved it. He had to take the chair away that came with it and replace it with the OSU chair we got him!

Merry Christmas!

The switching of the chairs.

His hat he made at school. He wore it all day.

A little chilly after his bath.

My mom smooching Dave and him playing the victim....well, he was!

Anson, Haden and Dave at Kevin's for Christmas. We had Christmas with them the weekend prior to Christmas. Kevin cooked and it was amazing!

The boys.

Anson hiding and waiting for Santa.

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Anonymous said...

Benny Hill had a favorite saying about old women that fits Dave well - They don't tell, they don't swell, and they are grateful as hell - looks like Dave gets both ends of the spectrum - 1 young woman and two old women who love to kiss him, ROTFLMAO. Your Christmas celebrations looked lovely and I'm glad you got to enjoy them without too much fuss and loss of sleep. Anson looks just like the angel he is and I bet if you got rid of almost all of the rest of those old toys, he would not miss a one since he has the new tent, and table and books. What more could a boy want? Love, Oma