Saturday, July 11, 2009

4th of July and Fun Stuff

These horses are always my favorite. They are massive!

U.A. Golden Bear!

Another favorite!

Before I die, I'll have one!

Flying girls everywhere! On concrete??? I was shocked!

The theme this year was Wizard of Oz, There's No Place Like Home.

Very cool float.

It's amazing the work they put into these.

This one was really nice. There is a tornado on the end.

This man has been doing this for 30+ years!

I thought this was neat.

The band.

Upper Arlington: Famous for the 4th!

And, then there is this! Dave is building a wall to hang a TV over our fireplace. Anson was

Momma and babies.....

I never knew geese could hiss!! Evil.

Our neighbors house on the 4th.

Anson, Dave and Dan playing with sparklers.

Very serious stuff!

Dan and Peanut. And you thought our dogs were big!

The joy of corn on the cob! Priceless!


Anonymous said...

I know just where to go when I need an (ASS)istant for future adventures. Is that a bum or just extensions of his legs? Ian is very sick - came down with ear infection and pink eye at the same time - the doctor said they usually go hand in hand - the nose runs, baby wipes with hand then rubs eyes. Big time fever. Well it worked. We had a really bad time because Heather is worn out and having severe muscle spasms in her lower back. She could hardly stand up, they were so bad. We went down and I finally got Ian to sleep and she took a rest. Things were much better when they got up. The parade you all had was wonderful. Maybe next year dad and I can come see it too. Aunt Bonnie has a new hat for the boys. They are alike but different colors. How is Grandma Marie? Hope all is well. Miss you and miss seeing the baby. Love, Oma B

H said...

I love his (ass)isant! But(t)I think he needs to watch out for splinters and flying tools!

Sorry, I couldn't resist.

Christina said...

H -

So happy that Ian is feeling better!

Marcia -

You can come and see Anson anytime. It's only an hour.