Sunday, October 18, 2009

Anson's 3rd Birthday!!!!

Yes, Dave had it put together before Anson went to bed Saturday! What a great daddy!

He just loves it!

Pretty neat stuff.

Of course, he did NOT want to go to bed......

Happy Birthday!!!!

Heather stayed for a bit after everyone left and took a family photo for us!

We love you, Ian!


Charissa trying to help.....Lord, she's due next week!

I love you......

Grandma Marie. Love you too!

Okay Norm, I love you too......

Anson cracked us up with the box.

Laying on the box again.......

Opening his gifts.

Gift from Ian! We loved it!

He got some great cards!!!!


Norm, we need to upgrade to a SLR camera! Maybe Santa will bring us both one!

WALL-E was so yummy!

They were all sooooo good!

Waiting patiently........

Eldon and Norm.

The cake! It didn't last long!


H said...

We had a great time at Anson's party! And I am glad that we stuck around to play and take your family picture. It turned out really good!

Christina said...

Thank you so much for being there! We had a great time!


Anonymous said...

It was a very nice birthday! I loved seeing him lying on the box of the train set-up. That is just so cute. Like all kids, they seem to love the boxes as much as the toys. I'm sure he will have as much fun with the train as Ian has with his. They are just the right age and have so much imagination. And, the food and company were outstanding as always. Love, Mom B