Thursday, January 14, 2010

5 Years Cancer Free!!!!!

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Today is my 5 year anniversary for being cancer free. Lots of smiles!


Dad B said...

Wonderful news indeed! Lets try for at least 100 more!

Anonymous said...

Quite a milestone when you consider all you have been through. I remember when I passed that time also. Heather and David were 13 and 10 respectively and that is the spring when we went to Disney World in Florida. I hope you get to do something like that also. And I am so glad you like your new job! Love, Mom B

Aunt Bonnie said...

Awesome, in some ways that seems like just yesterday, but in other ways, it seems decades ago. Where has the time gone? In this case, it's a good thing!

Christina said...

It's a big achievement in the cancer world. No more scans or testing for me from here on out. Between Dave and I and our "routine" tests, the medical bills were getting out of hand. SO, I'm officially discharged from my Oncologist.....nice feeling!


H said...

That is great news! I can't believe that 5 years has passed already.