Saturday, February 6, 2010

The 7 FT. Snowman!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Now thats a winner! Needs a carrot for a nose and a scarf around his neck tho'. I'll bet that second section weighed 200 lbs. I bet they both almost had hernias after lifting that but I'll bet Anson is happy as can be! You got a lot more snow than we did looks like from the pix. At the most, we had maybe 4 to 5 inches on the deck rail and table. Glad we didn't get what they said we would. Glad you are all feeling better, let's hope it stays that way. Love, Mom

Christina said...

I think we got 12-14 inches total. Sledding this morning was awesome! Anson was such a dare-devil!

Aunt Bonnie said...

I hope none of you got a hernia! I think that snowman is going to be be around for a while (unfortunately). Glad SOMEBODY is enjoying this snow!