Monday, October 11, 2010


I thought I was real slick this past Saturday in getting Dave a Sweetest Day card early. I was up before the boys and I carefully wrote him a message while having my coffee. I sat it under his glasses, where I knew he wouldn't miss it.

We were having a few friends over before the game at noon and then heading out for the game together. Britt and I sat in my season seats, Dave and Mike sat in our other seats and Brian had his Alumni seat. Dave woke up and immediately started helping my tidy up. We were all ready.

He finally sees the card and immediately asks me what it's for. I said "Happy Sweetest Day"!! He said, "that's next week". Well, planned foiled! I guess I could create my own holiday....everyone else does.

So the card: To My Husband~

There's only one day more special to me than the day you were born.....

the day you decided to share your life with me.

Happy Sweetest Day
with all my love.
And I then wrote:
You are the most amazing man I have ever known.
I love you so very much and I am so proud of the man you have become.
You are the best father a woman could ever want for her child and I thank you for all of your unconditional love and support.
So, we laughed about it and I asked if I was covered for the real holiday or not....he laughed. I found the card this morning and read it again. I read it a few times. I keep all of our special cards in a Bible that was my father's. I read them every now again. And when I do that, I am always reminded by my father's death announcement that I also keep in his Bible. That accompanies my Grandfather's, Marcia's and Dave's brother-in-law, Mark's death announcement. The three men all died on October 26th. I use to despise October. I would never work on that day and I would have some pity parties with me as the only guest.
Dave and I have had lots of talks regarding this month and I thank God he has been here for me to work through it in a positive way. God gave us Anson two months early in October and I cannot disregard that gift. I truly see it as gift. I would never celebrate Halloween and this year I have decided to fully enjoy it. Anson's birthday and his amazing life is something he deserves to celebrate and I will fully participate in that celebration.
Back to Dave. He has asked me the past few days if I was doing okay and I am. We have a wonderful party planned for our Son this Sunday and are so very blessed with the lives we have. I certainly miss those who are no longer here, but I have to appreciate those who still are.

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