Sunday, August 19, 2007

Our Weekend

Well, I worked all weekend (that's where I am now....sshhhhhh), but Dave' s parents came to see us on Saturday. They offered to watch Anson while Dave worked, which was very much appreciated. I worked 3p-11p, so we definately needed some weekend help. So, they had a wonderful visit and Anson loved seeing his grandma and grandpa. My point of this story, is food. I got home around midnight, starving. I hadn't eaten since noon that day. I was crazy busy at work, so no lunch for me. Marcia makes this macaroni salad that is quite possibly the best food on the earth. Dave and I both love it. She brought us a huge serving of it and it is almost gone. No Marcia, I am not kidding. She also made this yummy chicken salad that I had never had before. I am super picky about tuna/chicken salad and this gets two thumbs up. THEN, she brought us cake. Now, everyone who knows me best knows I'm not a cake person. I prefer pie or ice cream. I had a huge helping of the macaroni, a huge chicken salad sandwich and Dave and I split a big piece of cake. Yes, Dave ate AGAIN when I got home. The cake was awesome, even without ice cream. So, all of this at midnight.........boy, I had some funky dreams!

The kitchen is coming along. I have a stove now and I cooked most of the day today. I love it! Our countertops are still not in, but what can you do? We finalized paint for the kitchen walls this morning. Like I said, it's coming along. I'll post pics. from this weekend tomorrow. Have a great week!

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Oma Bertram said...

Dad and I had a wonderful time playing with Anson. It was nice to see Dave too and we missed you, but Anson is more fun than a barrel of monkies. When it came time to eat, I couldn't shovel it in fast enough. He had his mouth open for more before I could get the stuff on a spoon. After that, he lolled his head back and forth about 3 times and was out like a light. Then Oma and Grandpa took a short nap too. 40 minutes later, Anson was a different person. He cried for his DADA with all his might, it took quite a while to get him settled down, but I let him play with the blind cord knobs with him laying on my tummy. It was grand. We hated to leave. The house is coming along great and the screened porch is wonderful. You got lucky in that a second washer and dryer might come in handy and the set looked almost new. We're glad you enjoyed the food and hope Dave got everything done he needed to that day. Look forward to seeing you again. Love, Oma and Grandpa