Sunday, November 16, 2008


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I thought I would give everyone an update on what's been happening in Bertramland - as Brittany calls it. Dave and I were talking last night and we can't believe it's the middle of November. This year has somehow passed us by. We've had a lot change for us this year and we've had to make adjustments that we never thought we'd have to make, but we are doing great.

Dave has been doing great and is working on the house constantly. He finished the fence and it looks wonderful. The fence that was there was original to the house and the wood was a mess. We just have to stain it and the deck - we'll see if that gets done before Winter! We also finished the bathroom in our bedroom last weekend. I put the last coat of paint on the walls and all that is left is some touch-ups on the trim. We sure don't miss the gray tile, toilette, sink and tub in there! We are OSU fans, but that was a little much. Last year for Christmas we received several gift cards (the Visa ones that you can spend anywhere), along with our income tax return and stimulus check, we were out very little for the bathroom. So, now we are saving to do the big bathroom in the main hall. Maybe next summer. In the meantime, Dave started tearing out the basement ceiling, the bar and built-in cabinets this weekend. Our basement is huge and it was what really sold Dave on this house. Finished, it would double our square-footage. So, Dave is going to work on it a little at a time. It'll be great for a playroom and TV room. The one room has a full wall fireplace and it will be really nice for a family room one day.

School is about the same. I have to take one class that I need at Columbus State Winter quarter. It is offered at OSU but it is every day. I can't do that and work, so I found a section that is offered two nights a week at CSCC. I have my second midterms this week and then just 3 weeks left. I can't wait for Christmas break. Christmas this year will be so much fun!

Anson is absolutely wonderful.......he is doing great in pre-school and really loving it there. I am working two days during the week and he attends those two days. He occasionally goes on Fridays also if I need a day to get some things done, but that's not very often. He is talking up a storm and I am amazed at what he learns every day. His verbal skills surprise me daily. He hears a new word and repeats it on the first try. He loves playing with his group of kids at school and there have been no behavioral issues at all. He is very comfortable in his own skin.

So, that's about it lately. Turkey Day is around the corner and I am working. We are going to have dinner at our house that evening - I work 7-3, so I will still get to eat turkey and watch football!

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Anonymous said...

I, too, have pushed on that same door many a time. And believe it or not, it still won't open. I've tried all I know but at my age, I'm about ready to just give up. I am all about fixing things, but things don't or won't be fixed. I don't need my basement finished anymore as the kids are all gone and it looks as if they are never coming back! I do miss seeing the babies especially Anson and I'll be ever so glad to see all of you on Thanksgiving but I'm going to miss you Chrissy. Ian is talking up a storm too and saying and doing the funniest things. I'm sure Anson is getting there as well. I wish you would record some of what he is saying or at least write it down. I sure hope we can get together before Christmas, Love, oma b