Thursday, November 20, 2008

Things of Worth

I think it is odd the way some people go about their lives interceding in other's lives simply because they feel entitled to do so. What I mean, is this: insisting that anything and everything is their business (and often being quite proud to do so). I want to ask, what makes one want to be involved and run the show in every one's lives? What is fundamentally missing in your life that you need to fill your day with what another adult is perfectly capable of handling? To live in a world where you are the only one who can do "it" right. And, to think that everyone is oblivious to your BS. Hmmmm.....denial is an amazing antidepressant.

Entitled. I must have missed that day at school, because I just don't get that. There are others who took that class a few times and are well versed in it's details. I see it a lot due to the work I am in and the death that accompanies leukemia in my patients. I see what happens when "family" feel entitled to what someone has had their entire lives. I see sisters, mothers, fathers, wives and children fighting over things that they feel entitled to. It's a pathetic and sad thing to see day after day. The only up-side to it all is that it has made Dave and I ensure our affairs are in order and to be aware about legalities when death is an issue.

Often I wonder how people can actually mourn when they are so absorbed in what they think they are entitled to. A life has ended. A person that is a part of the infrastructure of a family is gone. Never to spend another Christmas or birthday. Never to smile or add their special part to a family tradition. Those are things that matter. Not money or things that are viewed of worth. Life is a thing of worth.

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You always know just how to say it. You couldn't be more right.