Sunday, January 25, 2009

COSI Discovery Science Center

Dave, Anson and I spent Saturday at COSI in Columbus. It's a science learning center for all ages. Dave's company also has exhibits there for kids to help them navigate computer skills.

Anson helping his best friend play music.

This teaches kids action and reaction by them placing their hands on the indicated spots to hear music play. It lights up as well.

The whole band was playing!

What you don't see is the little girl on the other side he was flirting with.

If you talk into this microphone, it changes your voice. He loved this one.

More of the same.

This shot visable electric currents up the bar if you touched it.

The house construction sites where kids learn about basic model building.

He really enjoyed this area.

This was outside but the kids could look out the window and watch some brave souls play with it in the cold!

The guys in the right bottom corner were trying to see if their weight could balance the car.

Anson trying to figure it all out.

This was a big hit. This table had four pipes that had forced air coming out to suspend the balls in place. He just loved this.

It was really neat to watch him do this. He had two and three going at a time.

The kids could throw the balls in the hoop and they would shoot out onto an activity wall where the balls would funnel through a pipe system.

Floating things everywhere!

I need one of these at home! I'll have to ask Uncle Eldon to build us one!

I love this picture.


Anonymous said...

I wanna play too!!!!!!!! You guys are just having too much fun without us. I have always wanted to go to COSI but never got the chance when the kids were little. We went to Cols one day (Monday) and it was closed. That ended that and we never got back! I'm so glad Anson and you two enjoyed it - keep going back. Love, Oma B

Aunt Bonnie said...

Looks like more fun than a barrel of monkeys! My favorite picture is where he's looking outside and you can see his reflection in the window. Amazing place and pictures. I can only imagine the converesation that went on with all this--I hear he's talking up a storm. Hope this means you are all well!