Friday, January 16, 2009

Dave, Bella and Anson

This picture is hysterical.....he looks like "Dopey" from Snow White.

Bella loving the snow.

Isn't she pretty?

Love this one.

Th boy loves his hats. Kendra made this one.

OCD???? Of course!

Dave wishing me away.......

Very long choo-choo train.



Aunt Bonnie said...

Those hats are a riot, but very necessary lately! I think Anson needs some more cars for that train--hahaha. Bella looks gorgeous in the snow. Great pics, thanks for sharing.

Tara said...

Dave's thug life??

Anonymous said...

I miss seeing my baby! I hope we will all be done with this sickness thing soon and we can get back to normal visits. Bonnie is doing really well now. She had a rough couple of days there but she is over the constant achy pain she had from the bad gall bladder so she is much improved. We had wanted to go see the baby the Saturday before her surgery, but she was just too sick to move. Heather too is now almost completely well although she still has that bark from the pneumonia. When I talked to her this morning, she said Ian may be coming down with a cold - time will tell. I just love the pix with the hats - the baby is adorable - as for his dad - well that's another story. Bella is quite beautiful even without the snow. Does Greta like it too? Anson seems to like his train, so perhaps an electric model might be in his future? Hope all of you are well and hope to see you soon, Love, Oma B

Christina said...


I miss you...where have you been????


Christina said...


Happy to hear things are getting better in Fairborn. Anson has been sick for about a month and still has a cough. He's eating well and that's really all I care about at this point.

Gretta is a little too prissy to enjoy the snow like Bella does, but she plays here and there.

And yes, the boy is crazy about trains. Too cute.