Monday, March 9, 2009

Another COSI Trip with Anson and Sophie and Fun Stuff


Being silly.

Anson and Sophie doing their best to soak one another.

He absolutely loves the water.

Charissa and Sophie.

This was a big hit. You aim and hit the colorful circles so they spin. He would have done this all day.

Before the raincoats.

This looks like he's mining for gems!


Snack time.

Driving the ambulance.

Neat machine that changes your voice. He was growling like a lion.

The Med Flight helicopter..

This makes the top spin.

"This is for go and this is for stop."

Team work!

All the kids were just fascinated with this hole in the platform. I never got up there to see what it was. Next time.

You push the ball into the vacuum and it throws it out onto the upper level.

Very cool frog exhibit.

Just beautiful.

I think there were bullfrog tadpoles in this one.

Waxy Frogs. These were really amazing.

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