Monday, April 13, 2009


Kevin and Dave at Peggy's.

Easter baskets from, Anson and Britt.

Grandma Marie, mom, Haden, Anson, Britt and Peggy.

Haden and Anson playing with trucks and talking about the grown-ups!

Reading to Ian at Aunt Heather's.

Why they both needed to be in the bed together is beyond me, but it was so cute!

Mom, we gotta get one of theses!


He just loved Ian's swing.

Ian and his loot!

Ian, Heather, Dave and Anson.

Opening every single egg!

Cousin Ian got a new bike from the Easter Bunny.....Anson thought it was the cat's meow!

We put quarters in his eggs and he had to immediately put them in his piggy bank!

Our wonderful neighbors got Anson a basket too.

This one's for Marcia!

My guys.......

She's as good a pillow as any!

Using his potty chair!

Oh, his imagination!

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Anonymous said...

Gosh darn it! If you gotta reach something, and it has to be just so high, why not get the old potty chair out? After all, it's only good for one other thing, so why not make it useful. I love the "my guys" pix of the two of them sleeping, but I also got a kick out of breakfast. The highlight of the day however, was the sweetness of his opening every (and I do mean every) egg to see what the chicken easter bunny left behind! What a HOOT!!!!!!! Loved the whole day. Can't wait for more summer days. love, Oma