Sunday, May 3, 2009


Anson and Dave are both so much better and I wanted to thank everyone who has called and emailed us with support. It was really a rough week for us and I don't know what we would do without the people who love us. It's amazing what just a phone call can do!

Yesterday we were able to get out of the house and get some things done. I have missed having a garden so much, so Dave built us a raised garden bed yesterday. It's just perfect and it's about 16x6, so I am excited to plant! We have a good friend who is letting us borrow his tiller, so Dave is planning on working on that this morning. I just can't wait to have tomatoes, peppers and beans. I am going to do some herbs also.....I just can't wait!!!

Midterms are over and I did very well with that. I really just want this quarter to be over. I really love the classes, but I am officially fried. I am going to take some advice from people who love me and take a little break after this quarter.

Other than that, everything is good and we are happy that some warm weather is here. We are looking forward to the summer and enjoying it with Anson!


Anonymous said...

Christina and Family,

You are so strong and you will get those boys through anything. Still, take care of you. They need you. I'll be over Monday with dinner! Sending prayers your way.


Christina said...


Thank you! We are doing well. We certainly appreciate everyone's well wishes. It can be difficult being so far from family, but they have been wonderful from afar. It's only an hour, so we are reachable! Thanks again!


Anonymous said...


Did "she" ever call you or Dave? Just curious. I know you're working 12 hours today, so give me a call on your way home. Glad everyone is feeling better!


Christina said...


Be nice........I'll call you later.