Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Scarlet Fever

Well, Anson has Scarlet Fever. He was tested today and Dave has Strep as well. Dave is actually more serious due to him being immune-compromised, so he is actually more sick than Anson. It's alarming for several reasons. First, Anson's throat looks fine. He has a rash to his torso, neck and arms. He has had a slight temperature, but nothing major. I took him in today because there has been some cases in the school systems and the rash was not getting any better. Scarlet Fever is very serious if not treated, causing permanent heart damage. So, I have to stay home the rest of the week because Dave can't be exposed more than he has already been. I hate calling off work, but I am left no choice without family close by. Makes me miss having that support, that's for sure. I'm hoping Dave turns a corner tomorrow and doesn't get any worse. Last time he had throat lesions, it earned him 2 weeks of steroids and antibiotics. And, it's midterm head hurts.


Anonymous said...

This just makes me sick! We wish you would have called and let us know something was going on. We, also have been not well, but we may have been able to help in some small way. I'm so sorry about the baby - he too is so defenseless. Is he still in the contagious state? What kind of treatment are they giving him? What is David taking? Can we safely come there or would that compromise everybody here as well? This week has been really bad; make that the last two weeks. Love and miss you, Mom B

Christina said...

Dave is one antibiotics - a whopping dose - and that's it so far. Anson is on the same antibiotic - just smaller dose - for 10 days. I also have a cream for his rash. They both will be out of the contagious stage Friday. We knew you had Ian, so you coming here to help wasn't an option, but thanks anyway.


Aunt Bonnie said...

Hope things are better for all three of you today, we're thinking about you.