Monday, July 16, 2007

The Weekend

Dave and his friend, Andy started painting our cabinets and kitchen this weekend. They are doing a wonderful job. Mees Distributors came out Saturday and did the template for the countertops. I worked dayshift Saturday, so Lindy came over so Dave could work. Sunday, Anson and I shopped and spent some time with my grandmother. It was a nice, relaxing weekend, for once. I can't wait to have the kitchen done! I am so excited. Everything from the kitchen is in the dining room....a total mess, but it will be worth it.

Dave loves his new job. The drive is wonderful for him and he likes the staff a lot. They are sending him to San Diego in August for a conference and he's excited about that. So, things are coming along nicely.

I'm doing well in my math class that OSU is forcing me to take. None of my math from Hocking or Ohio University transferred, of course. I guess the OSU math department is pretty strict. I'm about half-way through the quarter, it being a short term due to summer. My last day is August 21st and I'm counting down the days. Don't get me wrong, I use math at work with chemotherapy and other drugs, but we certainly do not use linear equations and factoring on the job! Seriously, who comes up with this crap?

Anson is teething and is just soooo happy about it! Sarcasm. It's rough, but he'll get through it fine. He has a Dr. appt. this Friday and I can't wait to see what he weighs. He eats like crazy and has really started "talking" quite a bit. It's so cute. He tries to "talk" while I'm reading to him. He does the same thing when I sing to him.

I'm off to run errands. Have a great day.

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