Wednesday, December 5, 2007

1 Year Today

I can't believe that it has been one year since Anson came home from the hospital. That day was terrifying as much as it was happy for me. Putting him in his car seat, hoping his oxygen saturation would be stable the whole ride home......scary. Now, he's healthy and absolutely amazing every single day to me. His smile, his funny faces, his laugh. Everything about him is pure joy for me. I thank God for him. I thank God that we went to OSU for his birth and the team of Doctors and Nurses that worked so hard for us. I thank God for so much.


aunt bonnie said...

You are definitely not alone. MANY people are very thankful for Anson and it is wonderful to see how much he's progressed. What a little fighter he's been, and what a joy he is to be around!

Christina said...

Thank you Aunt Bonnie!


Anonymous said...


You have done such a wonderful job with Anson: working FT, going to school and keeping everything else together. You SHOULD be proud of this little man and yourself. You are amazing.