Friday, December 14, 2007

Prayer Request

I am not going to send out a vast email to everyone explaining what Dave and our family is going though right now (really, are any of us THAT important), but I would like for all of you to please keep us in your prayers that we get some good news these next few days.

Thank You,

Dave, Christina and Anson


Angelena said...

Happened to hit the "next blog" button after leaving my own and came upon yours! Talk about coincidence... I am a buckeye fan too! Looks like we have other things in common as well! Stop by and visit sometime... I'll be praying that God has His hand over you right now in whatever you are dealing with.


Sam said...

You know you can count on us! Hope things turn out fine.


Anonymous said...

Yes, as a family we are all that important! Each and everyone of us hopes and prays that all will go well and that the problem will be resolved. The fact that the Dr. didn't call makes Dad and I have a good feeling - no news sometimes is good news and that is the way we are praying it will be. We love you. Oma and Opa