Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas Fun!

Snooping.....some things never change!

Dave opening the boring gifts first.

Dave realizing he just got a Wii.

Oh, the gaming to be played!

Anson got Dave a Playstation 3!

Grandma showing Anson the ropes.

Starting their own band!

Anson and Whiskey.

Hey, can I borrow this Ian?

So handsome.....

Look at that form!

It's not a football, but it will do for now.

Oma and her gift from Anson.



aunt bonnie said...

Thanks for sharing the great Christmas pictures. I didn't think Anson would be so in to it this year, but it looks like he did it justice! Great pics of everyone else, too, but you need to add at least one of you!

Anonymous said...

Leave pictures out of the old fat lady and you'll practically be considered a professional! The pix of Dave (the booger) are just like he used to be as a kid. I can see he hasn't grown up yet. Little Anson and Ian look precious and I hope they do make their own "music" once of these days. It was a truly memorable 48 hours and the best is yet to come. Love, Oma B

H said...

We had so much fun! I can hardly wait til next year.