Sunday, June 24, 2007

Diaper Bag

I thought I'd play along with everyone with what our diaper bag contains. I have one diaper bag, a Storksak that we use that I bought for Dave. I have 4 diaper bags collecting dust in Anson's closet. It is the same bag Brad Pitt has, after all, if he can make it look get my point. Plus, it's very "non-foo-foo" and is actually really nice for other things as well. And, anyone who know me at all, knows my obsession with bags/purses/wallets. I could honestly buy a purse/bag every single day. I don't, of course, but I definately could.

We don't take Anson out that much. We have a great babysitter who stays with Anson at home 2-3 hours a week only if absolutely necessary. If we do, it's for very short trips to the store or to the park. We occassionally take him to Enon or Fairborn to see family and that's the longest he's out and about. So, when we do travel with him, this is what we have:

1) 5 Pampers Swaddlers Diapers
2) A bunch of wipes
3) A changing pad
4) Bibs
5) Motrin, Gas Relief,
6) Extra pants and shirt
7) Camera
8) Camera charger
9) Bottled water
10) Baby cereal
11) Baby food (fruit and veggies)
12) Measuring cup
13) Bottles
14) Socks
15) Bowls
16) Sunscreen
17) Spoons
18) Teething ring
19) Antibacterial wipes
20) Hand sanitizer
21) Books
22) CD's
23) Magic butt cream and A& D ointment
24) Jacket
25) Ocean Wonders travel toy - he loves that thing
26) Blanket
27) Plastic baggies
28.) Ice packs
29) My things: purse, cell, lip gloss, sunglasses, date book, coupons, pen, jacket, Dave's stuff, and hair tie.

We also always bring Anson's Jeep stroller , sun shade and booster seat everywhere. So, there it is.

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