Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Happy Birthday Ian!!!!

Happy Birthday!!! We love you!

Aunt Beth and Anson.

Grandma Bertram......I'll let your imagination get the best of you on this one.


Anson with Grandpa.

Dave and Anson.

Mark, Norm, Dave and Anson.
Cake #1

Come on......get messy!!!!

I don't know about this, mom.

I'll wear this for half a second......

The Bertram Family.

Anson loved this balloon until he realized he couldn't get it in his mouth.

Grandma Bertram.

Ahhh, the food line.

Sam, Heather and Ian.

Aunt Bonnie, Andy and Kieren.

Opening gifts with some help from a friend.


Homemade cake from momma.

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H said...

Love the pics. Thanks for posting them. You will have to burn me a disc of all the photos you took Sunday.

P.S. Happy Anniversary!!!!