Sunday, September 30, 2007

Anson Update

Yes, he's still sick. We've moved from one issue to the current one. He has a moist cough and runny nose. He did not have a fever this morning, which I'm thrilled about. He ate for Dave at breakfast and he is taking more fluids. Last night I ran out to Meijer and got a humidifier and a neat vapor release gadget (thanks for the advice, Heather) and I put a wedge under his mattress for some elevation. He slept on and off. He would wake up himself up coughing pretty frequently. It's ben 7 full days now and I hope the worst is over.

At the Dr. Thursday, he weighed 18.7 lbs, which is good news. Let's hope he doesn't lose too much with this nastiness.


Anonymous said...


Happy to hear he's making some progress! I'm sure he'll be fine. I wish I could've been a fly on the wall when you talked to that daycare! Yikes!


Blanchard Pickles said...

This may sound really funny but it works.. if he is really congested and coughing alot try putting vicks vapor rub on his feet, then socks at bed time.. It helped with both my kids when they get a bad cough and have sleeping issues...