Tuesday, September 18, 2007

BMT FIT Challenge

Hello Fit Club Teams,

We have asked two very fit BMT Employees to be Team leaders. Heather and Heath have agreed be leaders and mentors for the two fit club Teams. The leaders will supervise all weigh ins for their own teams and provide any support and answer any questions.

The teams were anonymously drawn by Heath and Heather and the teams have been posted on each pod.

Weigh ins are to start this week and then we can let the fun begin. The Competition will end November 16, right before thanksgiving and the team that has lost the most PERCENT of weight will win!

This is a team effort....you can consult, exercise, diet, do anything with your team you want.

As for the reward, does anybody have any suggestions? I was thinking if everyone chipped in $20, the winning members would each receive a gift card for a one hour massage at Brown Bag Massage. Any other suggestions?

Good Luck, Have Fun, and let the most FIT Team Win!

Team Heather
Tina S.

Team Heath
Christina B
Amy Menke
Jan W
Melissa S
Melissa L
Jeff G

So, it is official. The Fit Challenge begins this week. I am going to journal this challenge on my blog so Anson can see one day that this can be done. Hard work, changing eating habits, consistent exercise equals results (well, I certainly hope so!). So I will weigh in tonight at work and start my work on Wednesday. Wish me luck! I will document as I go, probably every couple days.

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I don't know how you'll have time, but I'm sure you'll meet every goal you set. Hope it goes great and good for you.