Monday, September 17, 2007

Chicago Trip

We've landed!

Eating at Giordano's. This is the best Chicago style pizza in Chicago. It was yummy.

Full bellies.......

Felicia and Linda.

Linda and myself.

From the top of the Sear's Tower. All those white specks are sailboats.

More from Sear's Tower.

The Legend and me.

We have no idea what this is, but it was neat. This was also at Chicago's Melinnium Park.

Felicia at Chicago's Melinnium Park.


Linda and I.

Felicia and Linda making a wish.

After a hard days work.........of shopping, that is!


Anonymous said...


I'll get this right one day! You three look like you had so much fun. Did you make it to the zoo? I know how much you like it there last time. You and your flowers! See you soon.


Oma Bertram said...

Could that giant "thing" be a Fortune Cookie? Looks like you all had fun. Did you by chance go into the Tiffany's Jewelry shop while you were there? or the Fields Museum or the Oceanography?Would love to hear more about your fun time. Love, Oma B