Friday, September 21, 2007

FIT Challenge and Stuff

Felicia and I walked 4 miles today total (I walked before I met her and she walked more after I headed home to feed the man). I had to come home and do what felt like 25 things before I went to work. Anson had his first day at OSU today and loved it. He will go every Friday from 2:30pm-5:00pm. He's in a playgroup of a few kids all under 18months old. He absolutely loved it. He didn't even notice Dave come in the room to pick him up. His pediatrician thinks it will be good for him socially and I agree. The waiting list is over one year long, so I'm glad I put our application in while I was pregnant!

Dave is going fishing in the morning at 6:00am (ouch) and I am taking Anson to the zoo. We're going early (around 9:00)to beat the crowds and the heat. We bought season passes and it is so worth it! In October they have the Pumpkin Smash where all of the pumpkins from Halloween are given to the elephants and other animals to eat and play with. I can't wait for that. Plus Boo at the Zoo is really fun also. Yes, I love the zoo.

Nothing much else. Classes started this week. I really like my instructors. I guess it would be tough luck if I didn't! Work is great thanks to my schedule. We found a new carpenter and he is starting next weekend.....can't be soon enough.

I can't believe Anson will be 1 next month. What a blessing.

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