Sunday, September 2, 2007

Anson's First Fish Tank

Our friend, Shane, had a little (try huge) disaster with his 150 gallon fish tank last week. Long story short, Anson got all of the fish from the disaster. This is their new home. I haven't added any plants or fun stuff just yet, but I will.
Minus the glare, it looks pretty.

These are our two "suckers". They are HUGE! They looked much smaller in the container they came in. I bet they are at least 8 inches long.

This is an alien. I have no idea what this thing is. And no, it is not upside down.


Pretty yellow fish and we have no idea what this is either.



Anonymous said...


How in the world do you juggle everything that you do? You never cease to amaze me with your daily accomplishments. Can't wait to see what's next. Are you going to school Fall quarter?


Christina said...


Thank you, my dear. I feel worse than I look most days, but it'll all be worth it. I am going to school Fall/Winter/Spring and then taking a break for Summer. Trust me, we're taking a heck of a vacation Summer 2008.